The Roaming Meta of 7.06f | How To Play Dota 2 |

By | December 19, 2017

We try to understand the meta of Dota 2 in patch 7.06f in an attempt to figure out the best picks for gaining MMR.

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35 thoughts on “The Roaming Meta of 7.06f | How To Play Dota 2 |

  1. Pvgna

    Hope you enjoy the video everyone! As always, if you have a topic you would like us to cover please suggest it here in the comments section or tweet us @PVGNA

  2. Claude Vanlalhruaia

    I don't get anything out from this video other than the reminder of those mentioned heroes abilities. You completely failed to mention why it's a roaming patch where supports are very strong and why certain heroes are thus pick because of certain buff,changes in mechanics like creeps,towers,talent trees and items.

    From the explanation of the video one can only assume that those heroes are always gonna be in meta because they are strong but that is not the case they are strong because of certain changes that I mentioned and because they coordinated very well with heroes specifically carries that don't necessarily got buff like Sven or Invoker, Void,etc. I was expecting you to explain like this but instead you simply read out their abilities and expand a little . This is definitely not a thought out nor quality content videos, I'm sorry.

  3. Kyle Rance

    Great videos as always. One bit of advice, try working on your breathing, it will help you deliver much more comfortably.

  4. Omar Moataz

    Necro and Veno make the game unplayable at times. It's not fun to be slowed for ever, it's not fun to be dead for 2 minutes because you were caught with half your health gone.

  5. Horace Kim Montero

    Summarzing the heroes that is strong in this meta
    1. Night Stalker
    2. Lich
    3. Veno
    4. Necro
    5. Earthshaker
    6. Bloodseeker
    7. Viper

    Honestly, 1~4 is mostly the heroes that i'm having the most trouble with in my SEA solo mmr pubs.
    Currently in 5.9k from 6.3. I hardly win if i don't pick meta heroes/counter in this patch (and the previous).

  6. Andri Harlin

    Actually what we need is not just a trailer, but also detailed, yet easy to understand in game tutorial. Without good tutorial, new players will give up Dota 2 after first or second game.

  7. Lê Văn Tịnh

    I need a full HD version of this. So many great wallpaper potentials.


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