10 tips y trucos de PlayStation 4 para sacarle mejor provecho

By | December 20, 2017

Estos son 10 tips y trucos que he aprendido en todo mi tiempo con la PlayStation 4 para sacarle el mayor provecho. Ojo que todos estos trucos funcionan tanto para el PlayStation 4 original, como para el modelo Slim que se lanzó hace poco o la PlayStation 4 Pro.

1. Aumenta tu almacenamiento y usa un disco duro externo
2. Opciones del mando DS4 – Regula la luz para mayor autonomía
3. Todos los PS4 tienen fuente multivoltaje y no necesitan transformador
4. Descarga juegos de forma remota desde la app o la web
5. Prende y apaga la TV y el PS4 con un solo control
6. Respalda tus datos y tus partidas
7. Crea carpetas y ordena tus juegos
8. Cambia el color de fondo y agrega temas dinámicos
9. Configura el botón de share
10. Conéctate a tu PlayStation 4 a distancia

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In this video I share some tips I use on my Playstation 4 console. I hope some of these tips actually help you guys and like the video.

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39 thoughts on “10 tips y trucos de PlayStation 4 para sacarle mejor provecho

  1. Santiago Zurita

    me sirvio me la compraron hace relativamente poco y me ayudo mucho , Grasias .

  2. AndreG3Lg GG

    Bonus tip: vendelo y cómprate una pc Gaming, y deja esa kk de ps4 con 30 fps en pleno 2017

  3. Marcely Rodríguez

    Quiero comprarme una, pero no entiendo la ps4pro, es mas actualizada o que? :v

  4. Sha Money

    I was thinking I was going to watch something I didn't know a bout lol

  5. ItzDeondre

    does anybody know how to delete notifications? please its making my ps4 laggy asf

  6. naveen dj

    does the ps4 need the disc to be inserted everytime i play even though after installing it from the disc to the ps4's hard disk??

  7. hotbananas 2

    I dont have internet, could anyone tell me if i need patches or updates to play disc games like witcher 3 or TWD, help! i know nothing about gaming but i wanna buy a Ps4. All replies appreciated.

  8. Johnson Terro

    Hello friend, do you know why when I have my microphone "on" the party can't hear me but when it's "off" they can , from where it's this problem ? Ty

  9. Oof dave

    uno whats a really bad idea whennur to lazy to plug your chrger imto your ps4 so u plug it into your tv while playing and your tv comes up with the warining thats about to have a power overload. happened to me while playing gta


    if i buy game its automatic place in library? or i must press "ADD LIBRARY " button?


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